CLP reorganisation set to be scrapped

Ed Miliband’s Speech to Progress Annual Conference 2012

This is the speech Ed Miliband give to Progress today - posted by Lynda Davies,2012-05-12

NHS and Labour - after the bill

Labours Action Plan to Support Family Budgets

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Ed Miliband will make this speech later today to launch Labour’s action plant to support Family Budgets,2012-03-28

"Rotten to the Core" this post covers the NHS Bill and Cash for Cameron

Read how Big Tory Money gave life to the Health and Social Care Act

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BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY sets its sights on Sussex

 Please click on the link to below to read this TRIBUNE article about the risk of a BNP Police commissioner for Sussex.

I am sure you agree we must do all we can to stop this happening

Many thanks to TRIBUNEMAGAZINE for this article

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The World supports the scrapping of the NHS Bill - read comments below

 courtsey of Dr Eoin Clarke of the Green Benches

read them below

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View Andrew Lansley running scared at the Royal Free

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This video was taken by a journalist - not many were allowed in at today’s “secret” visit to the Royal Free.

This scary article in the Independent of being old in Britain under the Tories

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Please read this article in the Independent on what’s it’s like getting old in Britain in 2012 - it’s shocking and only a part of the problem we have to fix.

Blair backs Ball’s economic strategy - from Guardian